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How To Correctly Choose Clean Wipes?
Apr 27, 2018

The dust-free wiping cloth is dust-free cloth. The non-dust cloth is made of 100% polyester double-knitted fabric. The surface is soft, it is easy to wipe the sensitive surface, the friction is not delivered, and it has good water absorption and cleaning efficiency. How to correctly select clean cloth has always been a headache for users of dust-free wipes. The correct selection of the required clean wipe material should follow these steps:

1. Find out what needs clear objects and cleanliness requirements.

2. Determine the compatibility with the solvent used.

3. Determine the type of dust-free material according to the characteristics of the above ten dust-free cloths.

As a special cleaning product, clean cloth is required to have a strong decontamination ability, no reverse pollution, and the ability to endure the erosion of various solvents, with an ultra-low dust emission, and dust-free cloth materials are now widely used. In various high-tech industries, from general consumer electronics to biopharmaceuticals, from general laboratories to satellite factories, dust-free cloth is required everywhere there are clean rooms.