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Microfiber Features
Apr 06, 2018

The superfine fiber itself and its forming products can display many unique qualities, and the following points are summarized:

(1) Feeling fine and soft.

The flexural rigidity of the fiber is indicated by bending stiffness. Fiber bending stiffness and the direct ratio four times the diameter of the fiber, when the linear density dropped to 0.11 from 1.1, fiber fineness for one over ten of the original, and fiber bending stiffness is only one over one hundred thousand of the original, so the fiber soft softness is greatly increased.

(2) High cleaning power.

Superfine fiber is one of the main purpose is to make it clean cloth or wipe cloth, the ability to give full play to its clean high characteristic, made of superfine fiber cloth to wipe the object, because of the single fiber is very thin, loose fibers is like a sharp knife, easy to waste away, and superfine fiber is very soft, not damage the surface of the lens.

(3) High water absorption and oil absorption.

When the fiber is fine, its specific surface area increased, at the same time also more holes, the wool stoma size smaller fiber increase specific surface area, can make the material moisture absorption enhancement, more major is make superfine fiber fabric of capillary core ability has greatly increased, can absorb and store more liquid, water or oil.

(4) Do not damage the surface after cleaning.

This ultrafine fiber is only 0.1ddtex. It is very thin, but it has toughness. Its wedge-shaped cross-section of the polyester structure and the nylon structure of a cross-section of the starfish shape can reach into any uneven surface and completely remove dust. And nylon, thin and soft, does not scratch the surface of the object.

(5) Washable and durable

This kind of ultrafine fiber with polyester and nylon is stronger than natural fiber and recycled fiber, so it is not easy to fall off when used. So it can be cleaned repeatedly.