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Microfiber Fine Pineapple
Apr 11, 2018

Microfiber fine pineapple style unique, moisture absorption and breathable effect is obvious, easier to keep than the general velvet, storage is not deformed, can wash machine wash, cannot afford to play ball lint, care of people, convenient people.

Microfiber fine pineapple Features:

1. Super absorbent, water absorption is 7-10 times that of ordinary towels.

2 super decontamination, ultrafine fiber orange pie-shaped structure, in the middle there are many capillaries, can absorb a lot of stains. The stain stays in the fiber and does not stay on the surface of the fiber, leaving it cleaner and cleaner.

3. Do not lose wool, smooth surface, cannot afford wool floc, when cleaning a smooth surface to avoid the trouble of using a common towel when the hair off the floc.

4. Do not fade.

5. Antibacterial.

6. Excellent dust removal effect, with anti-static function.

7. Soft will not damage the surface of the object.

8. Provide sufficient dry and wet strength.

9. Ion release is low.

10. Not easy to cause chemical reaction.