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Microfiber Glasses Cloth Features And Proper Cleaning Tips
May 10, 2018

Microfiber glasses cloth is woven by a special process, does not contain any chemical drugs, has strong water absorption, no water stains on the surface after wiping; feel smooth and soft and delicate, effectively remove grease and grease. With the protection of the mirror is not scratched; no color, no lint, no decay, repeated cleaning, long service life and so on.

The microfiber glasses cloth is durable to wash, does not damage the surface of the object after wiping, has high water absorption and oil absorption, high cleaning power, delicate touch, and softness.

Microfiber glasses cloth is a high-grade clean cloth made of polyester/nylon double-component composite microfibers. The fineness of the monofilament is less than 0.2dtex, which is about one tenth of the ordinary fiber fineness. This composite fiber passes special the textile, fiber-opening and other processing processes have created a capillary space effect between the fiber and the fiber. With a high fiber density, the contact surface of the wipe is also large.

It is important to clean the microfiber glasses cloth properly: (1) Do not iron and expose it. (2) Do not float or dry clean chlorine. (3) Do not use clean water above 60 degrees Celsius. (4) Do not use bleach, bleach will affect the wiping effect; shorten the life of easy-clean wipes. (5) Do not use softeners. The softener will leave a film on the surface, affecting the wiping effect and shortening the service life. (6) Do not use microfiber eyeglasses cloth and other clothes together with a washing machine to wash or dry, because the fabric will absorb the surface of the soft clothing and affect the wiping effect.