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Some Rumors About The Spectacle Cloth
Mar 12, 2018

There is a message circulated online that "glasses cloth is not used to clean glasses", long-term use of glasses cloth to wipe glasses, but also cause the lens wear. This statement caused a lot of "glasses people" attention.

October 30, 2014, the reporter interviewed a few Beijing glasses shop and professional eye doctor, get the answer are: glasses cloth can be used to wipe glasses, but to pay attention to the correct way, not on the lens on the back and turn the enclosure to wipe, to avoid damage to the lens.

Rumors: According to the online post, said the function of the glasses cloth is only used to wrap the lenses, to avoid wearing glasses and glasses case wear. Glasses cloth fiber gap is larger, with time will accumulate a lot of dust, with such glasses cloth long-term wipe glasses, will cause lens wear, the more blurred.

Of course, there are a lot of people are skeptical about this post: Rub for so many years, do not feel the glasses have any problems. Do not use glasses cloth to wipe glasses, in the end what should rub?

On that day, the reporter to the consumer identity call daming glasses, bright island glasses, and many other professional glasses shop, several staff members said, "glasses cloth can certainly be used to wipe glasses, no problem." "Bright Island glasses Xuanwu Store staff said that you can use water or a bit of washing spirit rinse, and then dip dry with fine glasses cloth, or in the same direction to wipe."

Expert answer: Changsha AI Seoul Eye Light Department director Huangdan said, glasses cloth and face towels, toothbrushes, such as daily necessities, can not be used too long, if the glasses cloth inferior or use too long has not replaced, it is easy to cause the more blurred lenses. Failure to use the correct method can also cause damage to the lenses. She suggested that the use of high-grade glasses cloth, and a glass cloth can not be used for too long, in time to replace. Before wiping the glasses, you can shake the glasses cloth, shake off the dust on the top, and then gently wipe the same direction, you must not be able to randomly turn the circle to wipe. If the lenses are too dirty to clean, you can rinse with water or some washing spirit, but also directly to ophthalmic hospital and glasses shop, using ultrasonic vibration machine to clean the lenses.