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Talk About The Comparison Of Microfiber And Ordinary Cotton Fiber Of Eyeglass Cloth
Apr 08, 2018

Nowadays, more and more people choose to use ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth to wipe the glasses, then why does the microfiber glasses cloth have such charm? What is the proud characteristic of the ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth microfiber material? What?

First, ordinary cotton fibers have relatively low strength and will leave a lot of broken fiber crumbs after wiping over the surface of objects. Microfiber cloth is a long fiber, which has high fiber strength and toughness. The use of the process will not substantially leave the fiber lumps on the surface of the object, and can also absorb all kinds of hair shavings by virtue of its own micro-static effect.

Second, the ultra-fine fiber glasses cloth, with its advanced weaving technology and finishing technology, enables the fibers of the finished fabric to have a standard chrysanthemum-like cross-section and more layered structure, and therefore, its water absorption and moisture permeability (including water absorption and The water absorption speed and water retention capacity are particularly outstanding. Under normal conditions, the water absorption capacity is 7 times that of the cotton product with the same weight, the water retention capacity is 5 times of its own weight, and it has better water absorption than the dry state in the wet state. Compared with cotton fabrics, microfiber fabrics do not have proteolysis because of their special fiber properties. Therefore, bacteria are difficult to survive. Even if they are in a wet state for a long time, they will not become moldy, sticky, or smelly. The service life is about five times that of cotton fabrics.

Third, when wiping objects, ordinary cotton fabrics directly suck the dust, grease, dirt, etc. on the surface of the objects to be wiped into the fibers. After use, they remain in the fibers and are not easy to remove. After a long time, they will become hard and lose their elasticity. Affect the use, and the microfiber fabric can effectively solve the above problems, the fiber diameter of the microfiber fabric is only 0.4μm, the fiber fineness is only 1/20 of the silk, and its special wedge cross section can capture even more effectively. Micron dust particles, which adsorb dirt between fibers (rather than inside fibers), together with high fiber densities, high densities, and very easy to clean after sticking, unless stained with stubborn grease, do not require any chemical cleaning agent Wash, use ordinary laundry soap, and gently rinse in warm water to clean it.