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The Function Of Superfine Fiber Dust-free Cloth
Mar 12, 2018

Because of its ultra-fine and tough structure for dust collection to play the most effective.

Multi-shavingeffect (multiple scraping effect): a coarse single fiber, such as its ultra-fine can be turned into a fine hundreds of superfine fiber, so as a swab cloth, superfine fiber can be compared to the general wiping cloth has more than the effect of heavy scraping.

Wide-contacteffect (Wide contact area effect): general fiber because of thicker, bending rigid, so the fabric floating point and the contact area of the object is small, whereas the superfine fiber bending rigid small and soft (imitation silk), so the fabric floating point and the contact area of the object is big, wipe clean strong.

Inner-trapeffect (internal stripping effect): By superfine fiber made of clean cloth, after scraping dirt, dirt will follow the fiber capillary channel outward migration, is the effect of internal stripping, so the dirt will not residue wipe the surface of the cloth, so will not cause scratches extremely sophisticated products.

Superfine dust-free cloth fiber is a modern rapid development of a differentiated fiber, known as a new generation of synthetic fibers, is a high-quality, High-tech textile raw materials, chemical fiber to High-tech, high simulation of the development of the typical representative of the fiber. Because the fiber diameter is very small, so its bending stiffness is very small, feel particularly soft.

The specific surface area of the fiber is very large, so the cover of fiber fabric, fluffy and warm, there is a significant increase in the surface area of large fiber and dust or oil contact more times, and oil from the fiber surface gap infiltration of more opportunities, so with a strong cleaning function.

The fiber is made of ultra high density fabric, the gap between the fibers is between the droplet diameter and the water vapor droplet diameter, so the fabric has the waterproof and steam-proof effect.

Fiber in the micro-fiber between a lot of fine pores, forming a capillary structure, if processed into the water can be wetting towel fabric, it has a high absorbent, washed hair with this towel can quickly absorb water, so that hair fast dry.