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The Scope Of Application Of Microfiber Cloth
Apr 10, 2018

Microfiber cloths are usually shaped fibers, the fineness of which is usually one-twentieth that of ordinary polyester yarns. In comparison, ultra-fine fiber dust cloths have a larger surface to be cleaned. Contact area! And having a larger contact area gives the microfiber a better dust removal effect! In addition, the yarns of the ultra-fine fiber cleansing clothing fabrics are of a bundled structure, which gives more fine holes to the fabrics. These fine holes are much smaller than those of ordinary polyester fabrics. Therefore, microfibers can show better adsorption of fine particles in this area! In 2012, from the material of dustless cloth, microfiber cloth can be a composite material of polyester and nylon fiber. Because nylon fiber has many hydrophilic groups in the molecular structure, its absorption is better than that of polyester. (Since polyester has no hydrophilic groups, it is far less absorbent than nylon). According to the analysis to: From the overall mechanism of the adsorption of scumming: 100% polyester dust-free cloth are due to the high degree of crystallinity of the fiber, and are usually round fibers, so the surface adsorption is the main force! The way the surface is adsorbed can result in a relatively large distribution ratio between the dust-free cloth and the surface to be cleaned! The ultra-fine fibers are mostly shaped fibers. The absorption method for the filth fluid is also the adsorption and wicking of the surface, and the wicking effect can firmly control the contaminants so as not to reverse the contamination. Therefore, microfibers can remove more particles!


Microfiber cloth adaptation range:

Semiconductor production line chips, microprocessors, etc.

Semiconductor assembly line;

Disk drives, composite materials;

LCD display products;

Circuit board production line;

precision instrument;

Optical products;

aviation industry;

PCB products;

Medical equipment;


Clean room and production line.