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The Skillful Use Of Glasses Cloth
Sep 13, 2018

1, can wash your face with a small amount of salt, the effect is not bad!

2, glasses cloth to make up the makeup than the cleansing oil is still clean.

3, glasses cloth can be used as a towel to wash the face, can dilute the effect of blackheads.

4, squeeze the facial cleanser on the glasses cloth, take out the small foam and then wash your face, you can remove the dirt in the pores of the skin, and can keep the skin delicate.

5, glasses cloth put on the face wash facial cleansing effect is very good, but also clean decontamination. Facial cleanser can use the sea bath to wash the mud, or have the effect of cowpea, you can acne, whitening, oil control, blackheads and so on.

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