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Ultra Fine Fiber Glass Cloth Big PK.
Mar 27, 2018

Now the glasses market is a new and pure natural production of ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth. Each big cleaning clothsales of specialty, the shop assistant said this innovative material made of cloth is not handled smooth feeling, and easy to clean, consumers are enthusing about the new product, what and what is the difference between  the and we usually use?

In fact, the cloth that everybody USES commonly is not outside of chemical fiber, cotton weave and bamboo fiber three kinds. Chemical fiber is petrochemical material production, oil cleaning hard, need to use detergent (fee water, time consuming and expensive), water absorption is poor, with static electricity, the bacteria infection of the skin, use the coma, stale, death and hard. Cotton type of green environmental protection, the cotton production, oil cleaning extremely hard, need to use detergent (fee water, time consuming and expensive), good electrostatic small water, sugary lipids composition, breeds bacteria susceptible to skin, use the coma, stale, and hard. Bamboo fiber is bamboo fiber production, natural environmental protection, antibacterial antibacterial, oil content easy to clean, but a poor fibre softness, after using multiple fiber hair hard, white used yellow, not suitable for used to wash my face for a long time, suitable for kitchen towels, cloth.

However, xinya's ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth is pure ultrafine material to extract fiber. Unique natural environmental protection, natural antibacterial health, remove peculiar smell, since the qing and self-cleaning function, clean oil, water a blunt is clean, use a long time also won't hair slide, stink, cloying, hair hard, always bright and soft.

Not only that, the super fine fiber filament is very good, strong and strong, will not show the phenomenon of fiber shedding. Does not cause any surface damage to the cleaned item. Ultrafine fiber cleaning cloth can also capture dust, oil stains and dirt evenly through its small and delicate hairs, leaving no trace. Ultrafine fiber cleaning cloth can quickly clean the dust, remove stains and dirt, leaving no trace on the surface, which is very different from ordinary cleaning cloth. And it can be washed about 600 times (about two years of durability)

No ugly ultra-fine fiber cleaning cloth than ordinary material produced by the clean cloth clean have stronger strength, durability and convenient cleaning these characteristics make it clearly was welcomed by consumers quickly!