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Why Are Microfibers Popular?
Apr 25, 2018

   In recent years, microfiber products have been used in the wiping applications of various products such as kitchens, bathrooms, and automobiles. In recent years, two new products have been developed. Ultra-fine microfibers and common synthetic fibers are woven together into fabrics to quickly absorb facial oils and sweat.

   The fine denier of fibers is the pursuit of mankind. The earliest textile fibers used by mankind are natural fibers—cotton, hemp, wool, and silk. Among them, mulberry silk is one of the best fibers to wear. The fine denier of fibers began with the imitation of silk, and the concept of microfiber originated in Japan. With the development of Japan's synthetic fiber industry and the continuous upgrading of consumer's performance requirements for synthetic fabrics, it has undergone modification of synthetic fibers in the 1970s, but it is difficult to satisfy consumption simply by modifying the properties of natural fibers. Needs.

   The finer denier of the fabric resulted in a significant change in the properties of the fabric. The fabric was particularly soft to the touch, comfortable and breathable, with silky sheen and good drape, and was very popular with consumers.

The comfortable feel products produced by microfibers are often used in underwear accessories, hosiery and sportswear. When consumers buy clothes, they only make decisions based on their soft touch. Maintaining the soft feel of natural fibers but possessing chemical fiber characteristics is the reason why products such as ultra-fine fibers, pajamas and sportswear, and ultra-fine polyester fiber shirts and trousers are increasingly welcomed.