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Wuxi Xinya Micro Fibrous Co., Ltd. Qingming Festival Holiday Notice.
Apr 02, 2018

Our factory mainly produces microfiber glasses cloth, glasses bag, towel and other customizable microfiber products.

With the arrival of Qingming festival, our factory will take three days off. If there is an order, you can contact our salesman at any time.

Holiday notice: 5th April ~7th April.

Qingming festival is a traditional Chinese festival. Tomb-sweeping day, also called TaQingJie, according to the solar calendar for, it is in every year April 5 to 7, it is spring season of spring-out, also it's a good time for people to walk, so the ancients had Qingming outing, and carry out a series of customs sports activities. To this day, the tomb-sweeping day ancestor worship, the mourning of the deceased relatives of the custom still prevails.

To talk about tomb-sweeping day, we need to start with a lost festival, the cold food festival. Cold food, also called hot food section, a non-smoking section, cold section, it and the date of 108 days from the winter solstice, which is from the tomb-sweeping day a day or two, however, the main section of the festival customs is the fire, not allowed to make a fire to cook food, only food prepared hot food, cold food, so its name.

The origin of the Qingming festival is believed to have originated in ancient emperors' ritual of "tomb sacrifice". Later, folk imitated each other and sacrificed their ancestors on this day to sweep the tombs, which has become a fixed custom of the Chinese nation.

Tomb-sweeping day is a traditional custom in our country. It expresses our nostalgia for our ancestors, and is also an excellent opportunity to enjoy the spring.